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The Best Popsicle Molds and Popsicle Creation Inspiration!

    by Tim Brown on

May is well underway and mother’s day is already behind us–a telltale sign that summer is approaching. In Southern California, we can already feel the heat lingering in the air so we are getting our methods for creating perfect cold snacks honed and ready. 

What is your go-to cold snack? Are you a popsicle person who likes an icy, sweet, natural juice during the heat of the day? Are you an ice-cream fiend? Do you like to blend up an unholy amount of oreo milkshake and slurp it until your stomach hurts? Or do you like to pick up fresh local fruits and mix them together into a smoothie to make your brain freeze? Whatever your preference is, this summer could be the one for creativity–especially with some cute molds!

What kinds of popsicle molds are there?

In Target you’d be sure to find multifarious ice cream and popsicle molds to inspire happiness or get your kids smiling. On this site, too, you’ll find a few that are an absolute delight. Here’s a few photos and an overview of the products we take pride in:

The Birdy

For the aspiring ornithologist or the bird lover, this mold will hook you up with 3 cute, bird shaped treats. And, the popsicle sticks are reusable so the birds will thank you! It’s also an exceptional mold for ice cream pops. 


This is our sleekest craft ice product in the catalog. It’s featured in the Forbes Mother’s Day gift guide, and for good reason. It’s not only a beautiful design, it's real simple, too. The soft silicone sleeves make your popsicle creations slide out easily. And, like the Birdy, the popsicles become fun characters!

The Donut

This mold works well with ice cream pops, jello shots and frozen yogurt. Each creation is the perfect size bite and a fun donut shape!


How long does it take for the popsicles to freeze?

Short answer: between 4 and 8 hours. However, it does depend on a lot of factors, such as what you put in it and the size of the mold. All HuBee’s molds will have popsicles ready on the shorter side of this timeframe. Some components, like alcohol, will make your popsicles take longer. 

What can you put in it?

This is where you can get really creative! I like to put full slices of fruit in my popsicles–like strawberries or kiwis. Any juice, any smoothie, or anything you’d put in a smoothie works. Most types of fruit go together so it's hard to mess up. I have some friends who get healthy with it and add chia seeds in the mix for added Omega-3’s. If you need some inspiration, check out this article. And, of course, ice cream is a must try, but it's a little more complicated than making your standard popsicle. These treats are called ice pops or ice cream pops.

What is an ice cream pop?

An ice cream pop is basically an ice cream on a stick. It’s kind of like a Haagen Daz ice cream bar but a little cuter, like our ice cream molds. They go well with your typical ice cream toppings, like chocolate, sprinkles, peanut butter, and cookie dough. Like popsicles, you can get crafty with it. And if you’re looking for some really good recipes check out these recipes. In the Birdy or Donut molds we offer, you can pour some melted chocolate in to surround the ice cream!

Can you make popsicles with alcohol?

Yes, you can! It’s a great party favor and a ton of fun in the summer. Enjoy some boozy popsicles by the pool. Note: they take longer to freeze than liquids without spirits but if you do them right they will freeze nonetheless. If you’d like to learn the perfect mixture, check out Sophia’s recipes on the matter here.

Thanks for reading! All of us at HuBee hope you can get creative this summer in your kitchen. If you come up with a particularly spectacular creation with one of our molds, you are welcome to share it with us! We love to see your creativity shine :)


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