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Life-Changing Freezer Prep Tips for Easier Meals

    by Kelli Thomas on

Many people have heard of meal preparation, or meal prep before, but have you ever heard of “Freezer prepping?” No worries – I’ve got you covered! 

As a stay at home mom, I believe in making all the things I do in the kitchen and around the house simpler, including cutting down the amount of time it takes to whip up something delicious. 

Read on to get the scoop on how to easily freezer prep meals, and why it’s a fantastic and life-changing practice for anyone who cooks.

Seriously, it's a game-changer.

How Exactly Does One Freezer Prep?

Ah, the golden question! 

Freezer prepping is wonderful because there is no one right way to do so – in fact, you can freezer prep using dozens of methods and materials to suit your specific needs and your amount of available freezer space. 

No matter how you choose to freezer prep, you want to

  • Shop for your food the same day (or get it delivered)
  • Have your freezer-safe storage supplies clean and ready
  • Divide your meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and snacks into portions suitable for the number of people in your household
  • Clean, season, and cut your portions as desired
  • Place them inside your freezer-safe storage
  • Arrange your portions in the freezer in a way that allows you to see what’s there and easily grab it when you need to make your next meal

The most important thing to remember about freezer prepping your meals is to set yourself up for easier cooking throughout the week by storing the key ingredients of each dish neatly and pre-portioned for less hassle later on.

If you’re still not sold on freezer prepping, these other benefits should persuade you to give it a try.

Prep Now – Save Time Later

I’ll be the first one to admit that it wasn’t initially fun to prepare food that I wasn't going to cook right away before freezing it, but I was amazed at how much time I saved searching for something to cook once I got serious about freezer prep.

Getting meals on the table in less time for my family of 7, is truly worth the upfront effort.

Having Portions Ready-to-go!

Nothing is more frustrating than needing to make dinner (or anything else for that matter) and having to defrost an entire package of ground turkey or salmon filets that have fused together in the freezer. When I fail to prep, it is not only inconvenient, it's also messy and makes the task of cooking feel less enjoyable. 

Freezer prepping cuts out all the hassle and sets me up to grab only what I need for your meal in less time, with less mess, and less stress.

My kids love what I call “tasty spaghetti” and having it ready for them in record time is honestly the best feeling in the world. 

Whether you have hungry kids or just want to enjoy a quick dinner after a long busy day of work, freezer prepping is the way to go. 

Organization That Works

While you are free to use whichever freezer-safe items you wish for freezer prep, there are some items that are great investments for long-lasting storage. 

One of my favorites is HuBee’s Stacking Freezer Container which comes in two sizes and is perfect for prepping meals. I also love that these storage containers are beautiful, functional, and sustainable.

Give freezer prep a try for yourself, and experience the ease of making and enjoying your meals in less time today.

Oh, and come back to get more useful tips for your home!



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