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The Benefits of Ice Balls and How to Make Them

    by Tim Brown on

Why use Ice Balls?

Have you ever seen perfectly spherical ice balls in cocktails? They look fancy, but they’re more than just decoration. The benefit of ice balls is that they melt much slower than traditional ice cubes. If you like chilled scotch, or whiskey on the rocks, an ice ball is an easy solution to having your drinks watered down. An ice ball will melt slow enough to use it for two or three drinks, as opposed to only one which you often get with ice cubes.

Why do ice balls melt so slowly?

The answer to this question lies in their shape. As a sphere, ice balls have a smaller surface area to volume ratio than a cube. Since less of its surface is exposed to the liquid contents in your glass, the ice melts at an impressively slower rate–up to hours in the right conditions. You’ll be able to use the ice sphere for multiple drinks before it melts completely. So, when you see ice balls in drinks at fancy bars, it's not just a ploy to dazzle you; they are very functional, too!

Are Ice Balls better than ice cubes?

Both ice cubes and ice balls will cool down your drinks. If your drink is meant to be drunk fast or watered down, like juice, ice cubes work perfectly! Some of HuBee’s ice cube trays make the perfect size cubes for this purpose. Ice cubes also freeze faster than ice balls, so if you need a lot of ice in a short amount of time, you’ll want to quickly fill up your ice tray to get the job done. Ice balls, on the other hand, look a lot cooler than ice cubes. However, they do take longer to make and they will take up more space in your freezer. So if you want to impress your friends with your ice balls, you’ll have to prepare ahead of time. But, they will last much, much longer than ice cubes once you get drinking!

Can I make an ice ball at home?

Yes, you can! There are plenty of plastic, silicone, and stainless steel molds online. HuBee offers a sleek silicone and PP plastic mold that is both resilient and easy to use. With a mold, all you have to do is pour water (preferably purified to reduce cloudiness) to the fill line, and carefully press the lid onto the mold. Put the mold in your freezer and let it sit for about a day. When you are ready to enjoy your ice ball, run it under water for 30 seconds to release from the mold. You can add fun things like mint leaves, or gummy bears for cool effect.

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How to make a perfect Ice Ball without cloudiness

While it's very difficult to make a perfectly clear ice ball, there are tricks you can do to reduce cloudiness. Most cloudiness in ice is a result of air bubbles that get trapped while the ice freezes. Ice freezes in molds and trays from the outside in, so any air in the water you use will get stuck and make your ice cloudy. So, to make your ice balls clearer, you have to force all the air out. The simple way to do this is to boil the water first! Boil your water, pour it into the mold, and freeze. This will result in almost perfect ice balls to impress your friends!

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