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6 Simple New Years Resolutions Ideas for your Kitchen

    by Tim Brown on

Well, 2021 has come to an end, and it’s time to start thinking about those New Years’ resolutions for 2022. Pick a good new years resolution, and you’ll start your year strong carry that successful momentum throughout 2022. However, if you pick something that’s too hard, like going to the gym 7 days a week for 52 weeks straight, you might abandon your resolution sooner rather than later. Why not choose something that’s simple, easy, and will seamlessly benefit your well-being? In this article, you’ll see that these 5 simple resolutions for your kitchen are easy to accomplish, and will improve all aspects of your life as a side effect.

1. Organize your refrigerator

Is your refrigerator too cluttered? Do different fruits and vegetables seem to vanish, and when you finally find them they are already bad? Simply organizing your fridge will help you keep track of all your food before it spoils. This organization will also lift your mood. Having a clean, and navigable fridge will reduce the stress that comes with having to search for missing ingredients, or from unnecessary trips to the grocery store. With products like HuBee’s stackable fridge containers, you can make your fridge look better without much work. With these containers, you can make it so you see everything in your refrigerator at once which will not only make things easier to find, it will help you when it comes to cooking. Why not make it so that when you open up your refrigerator, you are inspired to cook?

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2. Cut back on waste

With a few kitchen hacks, you can easily reduce the amount of waste that you produce. Using reusable items like the fridge container, or these cereal containers, allow you to buy products in bulk rather than in small portions. This cuts back on the amount of plastic you consume and reduces your use of single-use plastics when shopping for produce. Better yet, it keeps plastic out of your fridge and pantry so that you can actually see all your groceries. This simple change you can incorporate into your life can help you be more environmentally conscious. 


BPA Free food grade food container
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3. Eat Healthier

How do you eat healthy? This resolution sounds hard on paper, but it is actually simple to accomplish. Your diet gets better with each decision to cook! But, how do you make it easier to cook in your kitchen? The two main tricks are to make it stress-free and to make it fun. With good organization, such as what we’ve seen with the fridge containers, you’ll keep track of ingredients better. To make it more fun, try out products like the SCHNOZ food chopper. With a ripcord and blade that easily cuts through meat, you’ll have a blast mincing vegetables, chopping meat, and making sauces! Products like these will turn cooking from a chore that you have to do into something that you look forward to each night. Once you are preparing more of your own meals, you are more conscious of what you eat. This puts you on the path to healthier eating. Just like you are making healthy food for your baby.

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4. Keep your kitchen clean

One of the biggest setbacks to cooking is the messes that it can cause in the kitchen. However, it doesn’t have to. Using certain products, like fridge containers and other HuBee kitchenware items, reduce mess so that cleanup is much easier later. The food chopper, for example, contains juices that normally get everywhere when you use mince or chop on a cutting board inside its compartment. When you are done using it, just rinse it out and put it right in the dishwasher. Cooking doesn’t always have to create chaos in your kitchen, just try surrounding yourself with clever products that contain and prevent messes. This will make cooking a much more relaxing venture.


BPA Free food grade silicone pastry mat
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5. Save Money

Here is the big one. With just a little more money, that dream vacation, or a new car, doesn’t seem like a stretch. With the kitchen tips detailed above, you’ll not only reduce stress and eat healthier, but you’ll also save money. Cooking is much cheaper than eating out. So, each time you spend a night in your kitchen your bank account will thank you. With good organization, you’ll save too, because less of your groceries will go to waste. With these savings, you could end 2022 with a bang!


cooking at home whisks and tongs


6. Get your kids in the kitchen!

Cooking is such a valuable skill to learn. When you can cook, you can eat healthily throughout your whole life. If you teach your kids well, they’ll be ready to fend for themselves in college and beyond. While we’re on the topic, a great program to check out is Kids Cook Real Food, a program whose mission is to teach kids how to cook so that they can lead healthier lifestyles. 

HuBee also features many products that are easy and fun to use–the perfect products to entice your kids to help you at dinner time. Kids will have a blast using our push-to-spin mixer or picking up pasta with our whisk-tongs. Then when it's time for dessert, get the family in on a fun project like cake pops!

Hopefully, you’ll be inspired by one of these easy resolutions. Set your 2022 upright by improving your kitchen. You’ll find that the benefits of a well-functioning kitchen are many: you’ll be eating better, saving money, having fun, and improving your well-being. Happy New Year!

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