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5 Nifty Mother’s Day Gifts from HuBee

    by Tim Brown on

Mother’s Day is around the corner!

It's always a good time to think about your mother. You know, the one who cared for you and nurtured you when you hadn’t the slightest idea of what you were supposed to be doing? Well look at you now! It’s been a wild adventure and there’s no possible way you’d be where you are now without your mom.

happy mother's day

Mothers take on the ultimate responsibility when they have children. Think of your world–chances are you are at the center of it. For a mom, this is certainly not the case. Moms give up so much for us; and, while there’s no possible way to truly return the favor, the least we can do is get a nice gift for them this Mother’s Day! If your mother is kitchen savvy, HuBee’s catalog has the perfect gifts for your hero. Here are a few ideas to peruse: 

1. Ice Trays

Our best sellers are without a doubt our ice trays. This is because they are composed of environmentally responsible materials and are much easier to use than traditional ice trays. If the ice tray in your mother’s fridge is still made of solid plastic and you lose half the ice cubes whenever you try to pop one out, it's time to change it up. Our ice trays are made with a soft silicone so the ice is easily released. And, they’re super cute! 

Here are the two featured in EarthHero

Shop Silicone Ice Tray

Shop Beehive Mini Ice Tray


2. Ice Pop Mold

This popsicle mold is featured on the Forbes Mother’s Day gift guide, and for good reason. It’s a great gift for a mother who loves smoothies, popsicles, or cold snacks. With this convenient popsicle mold, she can easily pour concoctions of fruit and flavor in to make tasty treats for the summer. Since it has reusable sticks, this contraption will always be ready for more! 

Shop Ice Pop Mold


3. Rotating Colander

This nifty device has so many uses! It can be used for prep, as a mixing bowl, and as a colander. If your mom likes to snack on berries daily, consider gifting this. It’s a sleek design and cleaned easily. There’s a reason it’s featured in RealSimple magazine. 

4. Food Processor

Is your mom a sauce boss? If she’s the one who is always whipping up guacamole, hummus or other dips for a gathering and she’s environmentally conscious, consider getting her this food processor. It has no need for electricity–so it's cordless! We incorporated a simple push-to-spin design in this product. It’ll be well used as spring turns to summer and it's time to sit outside with a good dip and a glass of chablis. 

5. Baking Matt

Here’s a good gift if your mom is the type to always be baking. If you get care packages full of cookies while you're away, consider getting this for. Perhaps she’ll love it so much that you get even more cookies! It will make the mess away from her baking projects by acting as a large surface to collect all the leftover flour. She’ll be able to use the imprinted ruler or sizing guide to make all her creations perfect.  

Shop Baking Mat

Remember, this is the person who is always there and always cares. Think back to all the times where you really needed her. Make sure to make her day special and allow us to help! 

Happy Mother’s Day!


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