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What is a Garlic Chopper? The Solution to Stinky Fingers

    by Tim Brown on

What is a Garlic Chopper?

If you cook with a lot of garlic, you’ll probably have a garlic chopper, or garlic mincer. Many are electric and require you to plug into an outlet or use batteries. Some are manual, and you’ll find them in all sorts of forms. They might look like fishing reels, presses, rollers (these ones almost look like something used for massages), or circular containers that you twist together.

HuBee’s, however, comes in cute shape and operates via an easily-pulled ripcord:

The purpose of a garlic chopper is to save your time and energy in the kitchen. Usually, to mince garlic into tiny bits you would whip out your chef’s knife and a cutting board and get chopping. Perfecting this method is difficult and will take a lot of time. Even worse, it will leave you fingers smelling like garlic for hours–and sometimes days!

With a garlic mincer, you can chop your garlic quickly without the mess and without stinky fingers.

What is Special About the HuBee Garlic Chopper?

The HuBee garlic chopper will mince your garlic so well in such a short amount of time that it’ll leave you surprised every time you use it.

The key feature that separates it from other garlic choppers and mincers is that it works via a ripcord. Once you put your cloves into the contraption, 1 or 2 pulls of the chord will have your garlic finely minced.

It works with other herbs and vegetables, too. I’ve used it on shallots and carrots for a flavorful pasta sauce, rosemary for this lamb chop marinade, and dill for a special dumpling filling. Surprisingly, it will even grind meat!

How to Use the Garlic Chopper

Finely chopping herbs and vegetables couldn’t be easier.

  1. Simply twist off the lid to this well-designed contraption
  2. Put whatever you’re chopping on top of the blades inside the clear catch
  3. Put the lid back on
  4. Pull the cord

1 to 3 pulls will normally suffice for garlic and/or shallots. More may be required for something harder like carrots.

Nevertheless, chopping has just turned into something so safe and easy that your kids will want to help you out in the kitchen!

What’s more, the HuBee chopper comes with a small brush that clips into its base. When you're all done, twist off the base to retrieve the brush. It can be used to clean the blades and the lid.

What Can You Use a Garlic Mincer For, Besides Garlic?

I’ve tried this cool gadget out on many things. It works on herbs, shallots and garlic. I’ve used it to quickly chop cilantro for a taco sauce and to chop parsley for chicken piccata. It works on carrots with a few extra pulls, which are magic for sweetening up a pasta sauce. And, even though it's small, you can grind up meat. This will help you out if you cook for yourself and only need a single portion of ground meat.

Benefits of the Hubee Garlic Chopper

The benefits are numerous! For one, you’ll save loads of time in the kitchen–a task that usually takes minutes will be resolved in seconds. Next up, you’ll spend less time cleaning.

This product is dishwasher safe and with the brush the leftover bits wash out easily. It’s much easier than scrubbing away a stained cutting-board. The combination of these two benefits will make life in the kitchen a breeze.

You’ll be inspired to do all sorts of creative projects from simple sauces to crab cakes. And, of course, the ripcord is a lot of fun. Oh, and how could I forget, your hands will never have to smell like garlic again!


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